Dr. Mindia Gabichvadze

Dr. Mindia Gabichvadze

School of American professional psychology, California

My natural curiosity has always driven me to study philosophy and human behavior. When I was growing up in the former Soviet Union, individuality and independence were discouraged. Mental health knowledge was strictly based on books and observation, with no regard for an individual’s unique experience. I knew this was wrong. 

Although my education was in law and ethics, my desire for an in-depth understanding of human behavior never wavered. The longing for this knowledge and my own acculturation journey in the United States eventually took me to the field of psychology. Today I practice with a philosophy that cherishes and respects each individual and their process. 

For the past 13 years, I have worked with clients representing the full range of mental health issues, including Depression, Trauma, Anxiety/OCD, difficulty with Grief/Loss, and Personality Struggles. I work with all types of people, from executives to students, and I welcome clients from diverse backgrounds. My office is a safe space where you will never be judged for your beliefs, race, sexual orientation, or lifestyle.

I specialize in mood and personality disorders, chief among them anxiety and depression. I offer integrative treatment for trauma and substance abuse. My primary focus is psychological evaluations for learning disabilities, neurocognitive issues, diagnostic clarification, personality, and general functioning.