About Us – Strategy and Mission


UGSPN is dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering critical discussions on national security, policy challenges, and the multifaceted dimensions of nationalism. Our mission is to strengthen intellectual contributions empirical research and promoting evidence-based policy solutions, as well as nurturing a deep understanding of nationalism and security within the academic and public spheres.


Our vision is to emerge as a globally recognized center of excellence that shapes policy narratives, contributes innovative research, and facilitates informed discussions on the intersections of security, policy, and nationalism. UGSPN aspires to be a hub for intellectual cooperation, engaging with local, regional, and international stakeholders to address complex challenges and contribute to the broader academic and policy landscape.

According to UGSPN Mission and Vision, the Center engages in following activities:

  • Annual UGSPN Conference: Hosting a major annual event, bringing together scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss critical issues in security and nationalism.
  • Research, Publications & UGSPN Quarterly Journal: Conducting and publishing research papers, policy briefs, and analytical reports on topics relevant to our focus areas.
  • Public Lectures and Seminars: Organizing public lectures and seminars featuring renowned experts to disseminate knowledge and stimulate public discourse.
  • Simulation Exercises & Educational Programs: Offering educational programs, including certificate, minor programs and workshops, to students and professionals interested in nationalism studies and policy.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Expanding regional and international connections, fostering collaborations with academic institutions, think tanks, and policymakers.