Revaz Topuria

Revaz Topuria

Revaz Topuria – Executive Director


Revaz holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a specialization in Far Eastern Studies from the Free University of Tbilisi. He furthered his studies in China at Lanzhou University. His pursuit of education led him to attain a Master’s degree in Intelligence, Security, and Strategic Studies, earned from esteemed institutions such as the University of Glasgow (UK), Dublin City University (Ireland), and Charles University (Czech Republic).


Revaz has excellent working experience in public sector, international organizations and NGOs. Through his career he has worked at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, United Nations Development Program, Centre for Economic Prosperity and several other NGOs. For more than two years, Revaz has been an Academic Director of Franklin Club, an education think-tank based in Tbilisi, directing the one of the biggest educational projects in Georgia.

Currently, Revaz Topuria is a lecturer at the University of Georgia teaching bachelor and master’s courses on political ideologies, hybrid warfare, intelligence studies, disinformation studies.

Revaz has published a number of academic articles and has even authored a book on political ideologies.